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Here at Little Rainbows we showcase our vision throughout everything that we do. 


In our setting we support all children to play in a free- flow environment.  The children’s current interests influence the daily themes and activities that we provide. We offer a stimulating environment for the children to interact, engage and progress within our setting. Our children express themselves when participating in an activity or play with resources that our setting has to offer.


Children are in the centre of everything we do! In a safe, secure and nurturing environment the children flourish and learn. We provide opportunities for children to learn as they play, focusing on gaining life skills. We give our children the opportunity to think critically, explore, make decisions, question and act on the experiences that they have within our setting. 


Children are free to explore all aspects of nursery when they wish. We provide an inspiring, home from home environment that includes real resources for children to take care of, respect and use. We support the children to explore all the environments around them to be able to learn and play.

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